Electronic Circuits
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DIAC and TRIAC Circuits
Optical Elements and Application Circuits
DIAC and TRIAC Circuits

Industrial Electronics Circuits Trainer

Item No. : ETEK IEC-2060


Curriculum Outline:

1. Design and implementation of UJT and PUT thyristor circuits.
2. Design and implementation of SCR, TRIAC, and DIAC thyristor circuits.
3. Design and implementation of SCS, GTO, SBS, and SSR thyristor circuits.
4. Design and implementation of MOSFET, BJT, and IGBT transistor circuits.
5. Design and implementation of temperature sensors and optical elements circuits.
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Curriculum Objectives:

1. Understanding the basic theory of industrial electronics circuits.
2. Design and implementation of the ability training for thyristor and transistor.
3. Ability to research and develop the thyristor and transistor.
4. Familiar with the applications of the high efficiency industrial electronics circuits.
Module One: ETEK IEC-2060-01
Chapter 1: UJT and PUT Circuits

Module Two: ETEK IEC-2060-02
Chapter 2: SCR and GTO Circuits

Module Three: ETEK IEC-2060-03
Chapter 3: DIAC and TRIAC Circuits

Module Four: ETEK IEC-2060-04
Chapter 4: SCS and SSR Circuits

Module Five: ETEK IEC-2060-05
Chapter 5: SBS Circuits and Temperature Sensors

Module Six: ETEK IEC-2060-06
Chapter 6: Optical Elements and Application Circuits

Module Seven: ETEK IEC-2060-07
Chapter 7: MOSFET and Application Circuits

Module Eight: ETEK IEC-2060-08
Chapter 8: BJT and IGBT Application Circuits

Module Nine: ETEK IEC-2060-09
Chapter 9: SCR/SCS/DIAC/TRIAC Application Circuits