Digital and Analog Communications

PCM Modulator; PCM Demodulator
PCM Modulator; PCM Demodulator
Digital Communication Trainer

Digital Communication Trainer

Item No. : ETEK DCS-6000


Curriculum Outlines:

1. Design and implementation of line code encoder and decoder.
2. Design and implementation of PWM and PCM modulator and demodulator.
3. Design and implementation of DM and ADM modulator and demodulator.
4. Design and implementation of ASK, FSK and PSK (BPSK) modulator and demodulator.

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Curriculum Objectives:

1. To understand basic theory of digital communication system.
2. Design and implementation ability training of digital modulator and demodulator.
3. To understand the applications of balanced modulator circuit.
Module One: ETEK DCS-6000-01
Chapter 1: Line Code Encoder                        
Chapter 2: Line Code Decoder
Module Two: ETEK DCS-6000-02
Chapter 3: PWM Modulator                      
Chapter 4: PWM Demodulator
Module Three: ETEK DCS-6000-03
Chapter 5 PCM Modulator                        
Chapter 6: PCM Demodulator
Module Four: ETEK DCS-6000-04
Chapter 7: Delta Modulator                        
Chapter 8: Delta Demodulator
Module Five: ETEK DCS-6000-05
Chapter 9: Adaptive Delta Modulator                        
Chapter 10: Adaptive Delta Demodulator
Module Six: ETEK DCS-6000-06
Chapter 11: ASK Modulator                        
Chapter 12: ASK Demodulator                     

Module Seven: ETEK DCS-6000-07
Chapter 13: FSK Modulator                        
Chapter 14: FSK Demodulator                                           

Module Eight: ETEK DCS-6000-08
Chapter 15: PSK (BPSK) Modulator                  
Chapter 16: PSK (BPSK) Demodulator