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Power Supply Application Circuits
Power Supply Application Circuits
Variable Reguator Circuits
Power Supply Circuits Trainer

Power Supply Circuits Trainer

Item No. : ETEK PS-2050


Curriculum Outline:

1. Design and impmemtation of rectifier circuits
2. Design and impmemtation of fixed and variable regulator circuits
3. Design and impmemtation of inverter circuits
4. Design and impmemtation of DC-DC boots and buck regulator circuits
5. Design and impmemtation of switch buck-boost regulator circuits
6. Design and impmemtation of power supply application circuits
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Curriculum Objective:

1. A complete laboratory training system
2. Understanding the theory and application of power supply circuits
3. Suitable for both engineer and the relative electronic students
Module One: ETEK PS-2050-01
Chapter 1: Rectifier Circuits

Module Two: ETEK PS-2050-02
Chapter 2: Regulator DC Circuits

Module Three: ETEK PS-2050-03
Chapter 3: Variable Regulator Circuits

Module Four: ETEK PS-2050-04
Chapter 4: Inverter Circuits

Module Five: ETEK PS-2050-05
Chapter 5: DC-DC Boost and buck Circuits

Module Six: ETEK PS-2050-06
Chapter 6: Switch Buck-boost Regulator Circuits

Module Seven: ETEK PS-2050-07
Chapter 7: Power Supply Application Circuits