Digital and Analog Communications
TDM Multiplexer; TDM Demultiplexer
Module One: ETEK ACS-3000-01
Chapter 1: Second Order Active Filters                      
Chapter 2: RF Oscillators
Module Two: ETEK ACS-3000-02
Chapter 3: AM Modulator                      
Chapter 4: AM Demodulator                       

Module Three: ETEK ACS-3000-03
Chapter 5: DSB-SC and SSB Modulator                       
Chapter 6: DSB-SC and SSB Demodulator

Module Four: ETEK ACS-3000-04
Chapter 7: FM Modulator
Chapter 8: FM Demodulator
Module Five: ETEK ACS-3000-05
Chapter 9: TDM Multiplexer                        
Chapter 10: TDM Demultiplexer
Module Six: ETEK ACS-3000-06
Chapter 11: FDM Multiplexer
Chapter 12: FDM Demodulator
Module Seven: ETEK ACS-3000-07
Chapter 13: Analog-to-digital Converter
Chapter 14: Digital-to-analog Converter

Module Eight: ETEK ACS-3000-08
Chapter 15: Frequency Converter Circuits
Chapter 16: Signal Recovery Circuits