Digital and Analog Communications

TDM Multiplexer; TDM Demultiplexer
Second Order Active Filters; RF Osilltors
TDM Multiplexer; TDM Demultiplexer
Analog Communication Triner

Analog Communication Trainer

Item No. : ETEK ACS-3000


Curriculum Outlines:

1. Design and implementation of second order active filters and RF oscillators.
2. Design and implementation of AM and FM modulator and demodulator.
3. Design and implementation of DSB-SC and SSB modulator and demodulator.
4. Design and implementation of TDM and FDM multiplexer and demultiplexer.
5. Design and implementation of ADC and DAC converters.
6. Design and implementation of frequency converter and signal recovery circuits.
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Curriculum Objectives:

1. To understand basic theory of analog communication system.
2. Design and implementation ability training of analog modulator and demodulator.
3. To understand the applications of analog modulator and demodulator.
Module One: ETEK ACS-3000-01
Chapter 1: Second Order Active Filters                      
Chapter 2: RF Oscillators
Module Two: ETEK ACS-3000-02
Chapter 3: AM Modulator                      
Chapter 4: AM Demodulator                       

Module Three: ETEK ACS-3000-03
Chapter 5: DSB-SC and SSB Modulator                       
Chapter 6: DSB-SC and SSB Demodulator

Module Four: ETEK ACS-3000-04
Chapter 7: FM Modulator
Chapter 8: FM Demodulator
Module Five: ETEK ACS-3000-05
Chapter 9: TDM Multiplexer                        
Chapter 10: TDM Demultiplexer
Module Six: ETEK ACS-3000-06
Chapter 11: FDM Multiplexer
Chapter 12: FDM Demodulator
Module Seven: ETEK ACS-3000-07
Chapter 13: Analog-to-digital Converter
Chapter 14: Digital-to-analog Converter

Module Eight: ETEK ACS-3000-08
Chapter 15: Frequency Converter Circuits
Chapter 16: Signal Recovery Circuits