Optical Fiber Communications

AM and ASK Modulator and Demodulator; FM and FSK Modulator and Demodulator;
Optical Fibers Data Communication Controller
ETEK OFC-9000-05
Optical Fibers Communication Triner

Optical Fiber Communication Trainer

Item No. : ETEK OFC-9000


Curriculum Outlines:

1. Abilty to resarch and develop the optical fiber communication trainers independently.
2. Textbook includes the details of theoretical and practical at the same time.
3. Textbook includes expected results for reference.
4. Problem discussion attached together with answers for instructor.
5. Only need oscilloscope to obtain the measured results.

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Curriculum Objectives:

1. To understand the 660 nm and 820 nm of transceiver
2. Textbook includes the expected results for reference
3. Problem discussion attached together with answers for instructor
4. Only need oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer to obtain the measured results
Module One: ETEK OFC-9000-01
Chapter 1: Optical Fiber Transmitter

Module Two: ETEK OFC-9000-02
Chapter 2: Optical Fiber Receiver

Module Three: ETEK OFC-9000-03
Chapter 3: Optical Fiber Data Communications

Module Four: ETEK OFC-9000-04
Chapter 4: AM/ASK Modulator and Demodulator
Chapter 5: FM/FSK Modulator and Demodulator   
Module Five: ETEK OFC-9000-05
Chapter 6: CVSD Encoder and Decoder     
Chapter 7: Manchester Encoder and Decoder
Module Six: ETEK OFC-9000-06
Chapter 8: TV Signal Modulator and Demodulator