Wireless Conmmunications

Telephone System
Controllable Household Appliances
ASK Receiver
Communication Electronics Trainer

Communication Electronics Trainer

Item No. : ETEK CE-2002


Curriculum Outline:

1. Design and implementation of filters and oscillators for wireless communication.
2. Design and implementation of transceiver for analog wireless communication.
3. Design and implementation of telephone system and controllable household appliances.
4. Design and implementation of transceiver for digital wireless communication.
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Curriculum Objectives:

1. A complete laboratory training system.
2. Analog and digital communications.
3. Suitable for both engineer and undergraduate training.
4. Simple and easy breakdown elimination training and repairing ability training for common communication equipments.     
5. Design and implementation ability training for common communication equipments.
Module One: ETEK CE-2002-01
Chapter 1: Second Order Fiter Circuits

Module Two: ETEK CE-2002-02
Chapter 2: RF Oscillator Circuits

Module Three: ETEK CE-2002-03
Chapter 3: AM/DSB Transmitter

Module Four: ETEK CE-2002-04
Chapter 4: AM Radio Receiver

Module Five: ETEK CE-2002-05
Chapter 5: FM Radio Transmitter

Module Six: ETEK CE-2002-06
Chapter 6: FM Radio Receiver

Module Seven: ETEK CE-2002-07
Chapter 7: Telephone System Circuits

Module Eight: ETEK CE-2002-08
Chapter 8: Controllable Household Appliances

Module Nine: ETEK CE-2002-09
Chapter 9: ASK Transmitter

Module Ten: ETEK CE-2002-10
Chapter 10: ASK Receiver

Module Eleven: ETEK CE-2002-11
Chapter 11: FSK Transmitter

Module Twelve: ETEK CE-2002-12
Chapter 12: FSK Receiver

Module Thirteen: ETEK CE-2002-13
Chapter 13: PSK Transmitter

Module Fourteen: ETEK CE-2002-14
Chapter 14: PSK Receiver