RF and Microwave Circuits Design

Microcontroller for Phase-locked Loop; Phase-locked Loop
Two Stages Pre-amplifier; Power Amplifier
Microcontroller for Phase-locked Loop; Phase-locked Loop
RF Circuit Design Trainer

RF Circuit Design Trainer

Item No. : ETEK LC-2001


Curriculum Outline:

1. Design and implementation of RF front end transmitter module.
2. Design and implementation of RF front end receiver module.
3. Design and implementation of voltage controlled oscillator and phase-locked loop.
4. Design and implementation of IF demodulator and audio process circuit.
5. Design and implementation of wireless transceiver.
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Curriculum Objectives:

1. Training for wireless communication technicians and engineers
2. Design and implementation ability training for RF module circuit
3. To shorten the gap between academic and industrial circles
Module One: ETEK LC-2001-01
Chapter 1: Elementary Impedance Matching Networks
Chapter 2: Impedance Matching Networks                       

Module Two: ETEK LC-2001-02
Chapter 3: One Stages Low Noise Amplifier                        
Chapter 4: Two Stages Low Noise Amplifier

Module Three: ETEK LC-2001-03
Chapter 5: Pre-amplifier                        
Chapter 6: Power Amplifier

Module Four: ETEK LC-2001-04
Chapter 7: Colpitts and Hartley Oscillators                         
Chapter 8: Common Collector Colpitts Oscillator                        

Module Five: ETEK LC-2001-05
Chapter 9: Phase-lock Loop Controller
Chapter 10: Phase-locked Loop Circuits
Module Six: ETEK LC-2001-06
Chapter 11: Diode Mixers
Chapter 12: Transistor Mixers                       

Module Seven: ETEK LC-2001-07
Chapter 13: Low-pass and High-pass Filters
Chapter 14: Bandstop and Bandpass Filters                       

Module Eight: ETEK LC-2001-08
Chapter 15: IF FM Demodulation Circuit
Chapter 16: Audio Signal Process Circuit