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Electronic Circuits
Basic Logic Gates and Code Conversion Circuits
Module One: ETEK AD-2045-01
Chapter 1: Analog Diode Circuits

Module Two: ETEK AD-2045-02
Chapter 2: Analog Voltage Regulators and Filter Circuits

Module Three: ETEK AD-2045-03
Chapter 3: Analog Amplifier and Multivibrator Circuits

Module Four: ETEK AD-2045-04
Chapter 4: Basic Logic Gates and Code Conversion Circuits

Module Five: ETEK AD-2045-05
Chapter 5: Adder and Subtractor, Comparator, Encoder and Decoders

Module Six: ETEK AD-2045-06
Chapter 6: Multiplexer and Demultiplexer, Interface Circuits and Parity Generator

Module Seven: ETEK AD-2045-7
Chapter 7: Clock Generator and Flip-flop Circuits

Module Eight: ETEK AD-2045-08
Chapter 8: Shift Register and Digital Counters

Module Nine: ETEK AD-2045-09
Chapter 9: ADC and DAC, BCD to Decimal Encoder and Decoder