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Combinational Logic Circuits
Digital Logic Circuits Trainer

Digital Logic Circuits Trainer

Item No. : ETEK DL-2020


Curriculum Outline:

1. Design and implementation of basic logic gates circuits and clock generator circuits
2. Design and implementation of combinational logic circuits and sequential circuits
3. Design and implementation of memory circuits and converter circuits
4. Design and implementation of logic application circuits
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Curriculum Objectives:

1. A Complete laboratory training system.
2. Understanding the theory and applications of digital logic circuits
3. Suitable for both technician and beginner of electronic and electrical students.
Module One: ETEK DL-2020-01
Chapter 1: Basic Logic Gates Circuits

Module Two: ETEK DL-2020-02
Chapter 2: Combinational Logic Circuits

Module Three: ETEK DL-2020-03
Chapter 3: Extended Combintional Logic Circuits

Module Four: ETEK DL-2020-04
Chapter 4: Clock Generator Circuits

Module Five: ETEK DL-2020-05
Chapter 5: Sequential Logic Circuits

Module Six: ETEK DL-2020-06
Chapter 6. Memory Circuits

Module Seven: ETEK DL-2020-07
Chapter 7: Converter Circuits

Module Eight: ETEK DL-2020-08
Chapter 8:. Logic Application Circuits
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