Electronic Circuits

Operational Amplifier Circuits
Digital and Timing Circuits
Operational Amplifier Circuits
Electronic Circuits Trainer

Electronic Circuits Trainer

Item No. : ETEK EC-2030


Curriculum Outline

1. Design and implementation of electronic circuits and practical waveform generator circuits
2. Design and implementation of BJT, FET, and JFET circuits
3. Design and implementation of diode and regulator circuits
4. Design and implementation of digital and timing circuits
5. Design and implementation of power amplifier and operational amplifier circuits
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Curriculum Objectives:

1. A complete laboratory training system.
2. Understanding the theory and applications of electronic circuits
3. Suitable for both technician and beginner of electronic students.
Module One: ETEK EC-2030-01
Chapter 1: Diode Circuits

Module Two: ETEK EC-2030-02
Chapter 2: Bipolar Junction Transistor Circuits

Module Three: ETEK EC-2030-03
Chapter 3: Field Effect Transistor Circuits

Module Four: ETEK EC-2030-04
Chapter 4: Operational Amplifier Circuits

Module Five: ETEK EC-2030-05
Chapter 5: Practical Waveform Generator Circuits

Module Six: ETEK EC-2030-06
Chapter 6: Digital and Timing Circuits

Module Seven: ETEK EC-2030-07
Chapter 7: Junction Field Effect Transistor Circuits

Module Eight: ETEK EC-2030-08
Chapter 8: Power Amplifier Circuits

Module Nine: ETEK EC-2030-09
Chapter 9: Regulator Circuits